You asked, we answered!

Terms of use:

In some countries we allow more than one vehicle to be hired. Please refer to your app or contact the support though the app.

Yes, in order to rent a trend vehicle you need to be at least 18 years old.

The weight on trend eScooters is 150kg, this is more than any other scooter on the market! However, bear in mind the weight includes everything you might be carrying with you.

Strictly only 1 person at a time. Never ride with anybody else on board, this is very dangerous and you may have an accident, get hurt and hurt others as well.

Some states require wearing a helmet by law. It is your responsibility to know if your state does. The team trend strongly recommends wearing one for your own safety and well-being, even if it’s not required. Helmets can be purchased though our website, check it out!

Please obey the traffic laws at all times! Make good use of the bike lanes and stay off the pavement. Remember to use your helmet.

Never Drink and Ride!

• Download the trend app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store
• Create an account using your details
• Add your payment method
• Accept our user Terms & Conditions

How to trend:

Easy! 1) Scan the QR, 2) Press ‘unlock’, 3) Go trending!

With one foot on the board, Kick-to-roll with your other leg a couple of time to gain speed, then use the throttle on the right side of the handlebar to accelerate.

When you are ready to stop, release the throttle and use the brake levers on the handlebars to slow down. Do not use your feet as you may lose your balance. Also, remember DO NOT use the rear fender to slow down on the trend vehicles.

Trend vehicles can be parked almost anywhere in the Service Zone. However, please park your vehicle at a safe place! be considerate of other road users. Places you can not park:

• In the middle of the sidewalk or bike lanes
• Private land or private driveways or gates
• Wheelchair ramps
• Hospital entrances
• No parking zones in the app

Once you have found a right place to park. Leave your trend  eScooter in the upright position using a kickstand. Go in your app and tap End Ride. This will lock the scooter and the ride will end.

Service area:

You can go trending anywhere within the Service Area, for as long as you want it! However, please bear in mind that you can’t park, continue or end your ride outside of this area. If our system detects that you’re leaving the Service Zone, the throttle will be deactivated and you won't be able to accelerate anymore. If you continue to move away from the riding zone, the eScooter will slowly come to a stop. To avoid any relocation fees, go back to the Service Area.

These are areas where cities have banned riding. These areas will be marked in red in your app. Please avoid leaving your vehicle here because you can be fined and also be charged a relocation fee.

The maximum speed limit is 25km/h. This is a standard maximum speed limit throughout Europe and the US. However, on some days the maximum speed may be reduced due to weather conditions, this is for safety of our members.

Trend eScooters are limited to 15km/h in these areas for safety reasons. These places are inside the parks, around the schools and the hospitals. They are marked in yellow on the trend map.

Prices in Georgia

• Unlocking:..................1.00 GEL
• Per minute:................0.37 GEL
• Pausing:.......................0.15 GEL
• Unlimited 24hr:.......40.00 GEL

NOTE: Don’t forget to send us a clear picture of the scooter, to make sure it is parked in a right spot and there are no damages after use. Trending at night? use a camera flash. Don't risk a fine, it only takes a second.