The New App Features

You’ve asked us to add some major features to our app and we went to the drawing board. Because for us, your experience comes first! And we are pleased to inform you that our developers have answered the challenges you have placed before them!

You wanted:

  • The ability to invite your friends, give them credits, and earn yourself credits:
    • We have created this feature for you. Now, you can send your personal code to your friends and once they sign up and start riding with us, you both get bonuses. This does not end here! We then thought about how to reward you. And we decided to give you 5 bonus points to both of you! Note: Each bonus point has a value of 1 GEL.
    • This gift is the largest amount currently on the Georgian market! Only with trend.
  • The ability to make auto payments:
    • We have created this feature for you. The feature can be activated or deactivated in the wallet section of your app. This means that once your balance is low we top up your account with 5 GEL. This way your ride is not interrupted and you having to pay the unlocking fees again.
    • Please note, if the auto top-up is diactivated the rides will come to an end once your balance hits 0.00
  • Multiple rides at the same time:
    • Trend was the first company to introduce this feature on the Georgian market. However, we have now redesigned the UX/UI and made it simpler to hire up to 4 additional scooters. Just click (+ 1 Ride)  and enjoy riding with your friends.
  • Trend Pass:
    • Planning to use the scooters for sightseeing? Or multiple times a day?  This is a great way to save your money. Just head over to the member’s area in your app.
  • Finding us on the Socials
    • In your menu section, you can now find our Social Media buttons where you can send us a message and follow us for new prizes and gifts.
  • Affordability and pricing:
    • We have great news here as well for you! When topping up your account, the larger amount you choose the more Bonus Points we give you! This way the money we save paying the banks for transactions are passed on to you! Making your rides cheaper.
    • When ending your rides, you may see a green zone nearby with a dollar sign. Park your vehicle in these spots and we will refund you 2% of your rides! This saves us time and money retrieving the scooters and again the savings are passed on to you!
    • We have reduced the minimum balance from 5 to 3 GELs.
    • Free cancellation – This feature automatically gives you a full 100% refund if you start a ride and find the scooter is defective and you need to end the ride. End the ride within 1 minute and an automatic refund will be issued. 
  • Deleting Credit cards on file:
    • Some members wished the ability to delete/remove credit cards from their files. This is now possible in your Credit Card section. All you need to do is swipe left on the selected card and click ‘delete’

These are only some of the great new features we have added to our new App. As we continue to evolve and innovate, your feedback is more important to us than ever! You can now send us your thoughts in the new app also. Finally, we want to thank you all for choosing trend.

Let’s go trending together!